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Books ready to be upcycled

Welcome to DIY Crafting Trove, LLC, where creativity blooms!

We offer a variety of fun services, ranging from teaching book folding, upcycled crafts, craft kits, instruction books, custom pattern services, and even craft classes online or at your event.

Come experience the magic of
DIY Crafting Trove today

Located in Milton, GA
To schedule please call/text 770.676.9731

Meet the owner Tracy Pemberton of DIY Crafting Trove at Pinners Conference
Award for most substainable product for 2021 & 2022
MMF Book Folding examples
Book Folding Cut and Fold examples
MMF Book Folding examples
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Over the past couple of years, my close-knit group of friends began a monthly craft day where I would teach them a new craft.  This is when I discovered how many upcycling crafts there are and my true craft passion is maintaining an eco-friendly approach to how I create.  I love how I can take something someone has discarded and make art out of it instead of it being added to our landfills. This passion pushed me into applying to teach at Pinners Conferences taking discarded books and folding them into art.  

I want to help everyone learn to craft, create, and up-cycle!

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