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Crafting in an eco-friendly way. We are passionate about the environment and crafting, so why not bring the two together?


Everyone has left over pieces when they finish a craft project, projects that just never got started, or a craft interest that has faded away. Instead of trashing these items, donate them to us! Every donation gets you 10% off your next purchase or class.

We will sell the donate items at low prices allowing people to try a craft that they are interested in without spending higher amounts of money at the big box stores.

Or you just might find that finishing touch you needed for your project.

We will also be teaching multiple and affordable classes with our main focus being on up-cycling.

Old jeans reusing idea. Crafting with denim, recycling old clothers, hobby, diy activity.

DIY Crafting Trove is excited to announce that we will be carrying Monster Kids Box
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Over the past couple of years, my close-knit group of friends began a monthly craft day where I would teach them a new craft.  This is when I discovered how many upcycling crafts there are and my true craft passion is maintaining an eco-friendly approach to how I create.  I love how I can take something someone has discarded and make art out of it instead of it being added to our landfills. This passion pushed me into applying to teach at Pinners Conferences taking discarded books and folding them into art.  

I want to help everyone learn to craft, create, and up-cycle!


Let's Get Creative


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